Jul 2, 2009

lights that fit you

My mother (mama) is looking for a lights that fit and perfect for our house. Our house with 3 rooms still not finish due to luck of budget. As part of my vacation, i went to my province where there is our house that almost finish. And i saw that lighting is not install and there is no any idea yet what lights we will have to.

When i came back to Manila, directly i surfed the net and i found this Light fixtures site. I found from this site the different kind of lights and what are the lights that fit to our lovely home.

In our living room, my mama want to have a cute and beautiful chandelier that give lights and ambiance to our living room. We use to chat and have snacks in our living room so it will be relaxing to have the lights and chandelier that mama wanted to have. And in our kitchen light, mama wants to have a light and white fluorescent lights. It is important to her to have white lights because she said she don't need to have an extra light if she is cooking.

The bathroom lights was my choice. I chose the best and romantic light that add attractive to our white and blue tiles. It will be fit to our family that likes romantic things.

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