May 9, 2009

What have i done today?

We spent our last Christmas in Philippines with my family. As i mentioned one of my post here before, it was the first time that my husband was with us on that occasion.

Before going back here in Sweden (January), i asked my husband to bought the Magic sing that almost all Filipinos really like. I just wanted to have the cheapest one but my husband bought me the most expensive one. Tack älskling... I like to sing and dance on my free time so today i sung almost 3 hours. I felt like Regine Velasquez or Charice..hahaha i wish.... So as of now, i cannot speak well 'coz i lost (little) my voice. But i'm sure it will be ok soon and i can sing again maybe Monday afternoon. I had a concert on my own with my one and only avid fan, my husband... He don't have choice. hehehe

I have a lot of free time every weekend so that's why i have a lot of hours to do my singing and dancing carrier..hehehe

How about you guys? Which activities you like to do on your free time?

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