Mar 27, 2010

birthday party

Me and Shy was in the birthday party today. Supposedly it would be me, Shy, Tejan and Jen, but unfortunately the two mommies had their own party also to be attended.
(Sherry's yummy birthday cake)

Shy and me met around 11.20 in the City and went together to the birthday party venue. It was our first time meeting the celebrant. Her sister Shella is our friend and the celebrant is here (Sweden) for a visit for few months.
(The celebrant and me)

In general, the party was really fun. We had lots of fun especially the camera moment of one Filipina. Of course lots of foods and drinks.
(Some of the filipina guests)

Thank you so much for the happy day friends. Thanks Shella for being a nice friend and happy birthday once again Sherry. See you guys again soon...

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Me said...

Belated b-day to your friend...