Mar 31, 2010

eyes infection

I had a small white near my eyeball and I just keep on ignoring it. My friend Shy told me many times to have a check up to make sure what it was.

Since it was not really painful, I just ignored it until last few days. Sunday was really pain and I almost couldn't resist it. I told directly to my husband that I would like to have check up on my eyes the sooner the better.

So Monday I went to optician to had check. The small white inside my eyes was an infection or some virus that I got when I touched my eyes not knowing if my hands are clean.

As of now, I have a medicine good for one week. I must drop the medicine into my eyes for 3 times a day.

It's not too much work to put the medicine but its pain. I hope it will gone soon.

1 comment:

Risma Hutabarat said...

Oh dear... I hope you'll get better soon. Make sure you use all the medicine properly, Jen...

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