Mar 29, 2010

saw blades for him

My brother in law was working in their company for almost 10 years. But due to globalizing crises, their company was one of those company who was trying to cost cutting. The company didn't want to close so what they did was deducting their workers. They didn't want to do it but that was the only choice they had or else they would close their company.

Since my brother in law was one of those who were working there for just almost 10 years, he was one of those who lost the job. At first it was not really fair to him because in fairness he was a good worker. But after a while he accepted about being a jobless.

Just few months ago, he started to build his own curving company and so far so good. He has already lots of orders and as of now at least he has few workers. The problem now is he doesn’t have yet enough budgets for different saw blades.

So I and my husband are planning to give him one his need. The
circular saw blades where he always uses for his different style of orders. I know he will be very happy and thankful if we will give him.

We hope that his starting company will grow and he can have more orders.
Good luck...

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