Mar 2, 2010

Honesty is the best policy

Its Couple's Corner time and I want to ask an apology for not posting last week’s topic. I was not really in good mood last week due to some personal reasons and plus I was busy preparing and packing my husband’s things for his vacations.

But anyway I will post this week the two topics. Is it ok Liz? Last week topic was: BREAKFAST IN BED.

Hmmpp since me and my husband living together, I can’t remember that we had our breakfast in bed. We often had breakfast together every weekend because he goes to work earlier than me.

I just can remember that he prepared breakfast one time but we didn’t eat it in the bed instead we ate it in our living room. Maybe in the future I will surprise and prepare breakfast in bed for him... Sounds exciting...heheheh

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And this week topic is HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY:

Yes wherever we go, work or whatsoever, the word honesty is really matter but how could we be honest?

For me and my husband, honesty is a must. Like Liz said, there are some things that we can’t tell to our partners but it doesn’t mean that we're cheating or don’t trust them. Sometimes is just really nonsense thing that we don’t need to tell our partner.

Like me and my husband, everything and anything that are good and be said, must be tell. It doesn’t matter how small or big thing it is as long as we know that it could be good for both parties.

So to have a lasting relationship, be honest to your partner, be true and be you.

Happy couples corner everyone.


Mommy Liz said...

Thanks for the double post Jenny. Di pa mo pa na bigyan ng Breakfast in Bed si hubby mo? hehehe, yung iba naman ayaw talaga, they don't believe in it, yung iba naman, gaya ng hubby kong nag iinarte kapag weekend, gustung gusto, hehehe.. Try mo minsan, kapag ikaw ang ipinaghanda ng breakfast, nakakakilig, ako bihira lang din ipaghanda nii hubster eh.

Ay naku, totoo ka dyan sa pagiging honest sa isa't isa, pero minsan may mga things din na we need to keep to ourselves di ba? things na alam naman nating di naman makakaapekto sa ating mga relasyon.

take care and have fun. I hope whatever you're dealing with last week, is fine now.

anne said...

yes girl your right sometimes it is good to hid some secret but that doesnt mean you are cheating already... mine will be later at thanks

Rossel said...

honesty is undoubtedly a best policy. you are right, keeping nonsense things from our partners doesn't mean we are cheating. mine is up too.

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Unknown said...

Hi sis, you are right in that. I agree with you. Sometimes there are things we dont tell to our partner but it doesnt mean we could not trust them or we could not be trusted..

I miss you sis. It feels good to be back.

AC said...

ganda naman nun.. be true and be you... hope you're ok now sis.. =)