Mar 4, 2010

changing something

I have a friend who is currently working so hard for her family and for herself.

She's is turning 45 next month and still single. It was one time last week that we talked about her personal life and why she's still single at her age. First she said that she's happy of what her doing and she's happy helping her family. But when she told me like that I knew that there some part of herself that seems not really happy.

I asked her what are the qualifications or her likes in a partner. At first she was hesitating to tell me because she knew that sooner or later I would ask more. We came to the point that she regrets some of the things that she done of herself and if she could she would love to change it.

The one reason that she don’t really like is her physical appearance. She's beautiful but as she said, she's not satisfied of it especially now that she's getting older. That's why one of her reason also of working so hard is that she can do her long plan. She wants to have a
detox xtreme for her face.

As of now detox is really what she really wanted to do. I'm just wishing and hoping that she can have it soon. Good luck my friend.

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