Mar 21, 2010

tired but satisfied

We just came home from our Frankfurt trip. Our few days there were fantastic, we had fun and we get relaxed from all the stressessssss...

(this pictures was taken in the bar)

My sister in law and her husband are very sure to go back there soon. Same as me and my husband, we'll love to go back there also soon.

Of course besides of the fun and the relaxation, it's our one way of spending time together as couples. Personally, I love this trip or be with my in laws... They are so nice to me. They helped me of course learning my Swedish and they want to know also my Filipino tradition, culture and etc. about Philippines.

Even if we're tired, but still we had fun and can’t wait for our next trip there. We'll see when it will be...

How about you guys? How was your weekend?

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