Mar 1, 2010

my helping hand

Me and my husband have lots in common. Some of our behaviors, the way we talk, the way we give our opinions in anything and of course our common love. But there is also one thing that we both have in common and this our eyes problem.
My husband couldn't go somewhere without his eyeglasses. He has his eyeglasses since he was teenager. Mine in other side was not really long time ago. I just have it middle of my high school life. At first I was just using nothing because I don’t want to use eyeglasses. And the fact that in our high school days, if you have eyeglasses, they would call you old lady or ma’am (teacher).

But when I was in my college days, I couldn’t resist anymore. I must have and I should have eyeglasses. That's why directly I started my college in Manila, my sister bought me eyeglasses.

Since then I use my eyeglasses but not everyday... Before I move here, I bought my own eyeglasses and I had my eye checked up. But that was almost 3 years ago. As of now, I need to change my
lens and need to put high grades of my eyeglasses.

I will purchase my new eyeglasses soon. The eyeglasses that fit on me. My eyeglasses is my helping hand of my schooling...hahaha

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