Mar 6, 2010

yesterday and today

Yesterday, me and my friendship Shy met for the first time after her 3 months vacation in Philippines. We were invited to another friend’s house to had lunch. Remember guys, I posted her about Margot’s birthday party and when she gave birth to her premature boy? Me and Shy went there yesterday to personally met the another boy of Margot's life. He is so adorable and very cute. He doesn’t look luck of months.

Today, we finally got together again. Me, Shy and Tejan had our bonding moments today here in my crib. Shy came first and Tejan came around 12.30.

I cooked for our lunch; pancit bihon, fried lax fish and vegetables (pinakbet). As usual we chatted while eating and laughing. I miss it...

Tejan shared her secret but sorry guys; it's secret so I’ll keep it secret. heheh.

Margot, girl thanks for always welcoming me into your house.

Shy and Tejan, tack for senast mina kompisar. Det var så trevligt...


Laikka said...

hehehhe..tack själv!!! sa atong katabian, nakalimot noon tag picturepicture..wahehheh! thanks for helping me for my springrolls too! hahahha

maricar said...

oh... i almost cry reading your story... :( thanks for sharing ;)