Mar 2, 2010

still missing him

My hubby is in Philippines for few days already and it's been few days also that i couldn't sleep at night thinking and missing him so much.
In his first day there, we wasn't able to chat or talk through internet because the modem that he bought was not activated until 24 hours. Then after that, still it wasn't work so he must went back to the store and asked another help.

At last we chatted and talked through internet but still i'm missing him terribly. I can see him through webcam and i can hear his voice but it's still not the same as he's beside me where i can feel his presence, touch and can have his sweet hugs.

He visited my family already and had dinner with them in our house. He met my sister cute little girl and took some pictures.

I know times goes very fast. So i will just try myself or make myself busy at school so that i can not notice the time.

I really miss you my dear. See you again on soon. Jag älskar dig jättemycket.


Laikka said...

hahahaha...ka cute mura sila mag ama!

Wengss said...

Naku sayang Jen, sumama ka sana..kung ako pa nyan hehe.

訂晚餐 said...

Unable to give you a heart. so have a reply to push up your post. ........................................