Mar 15, 2010

'pinas with love

Since my husband came home last Friday, I haven't posting here in my blog due to some things that I prioritize.

Since my husband was from Philippines, of course I have lot of things that are from Philippines. Even if my hubby had a hard time finding some of my things that I wanted him to buy, still he managed everything and bought all I wants and plus other things that he bought it himself. He knows that everything from Philippines, I will like it.

As you can see on the pictures guys, I have my corn beef, some mix powder, my yellow mangos and of course the 'pinas with love dried fish (tuyo)...yummy...and other more things.

Thank you so much älskling for all the pasalubong and for the effort buying all my stuff...

Does it all looks yummy?


teJan said...

weee...tsalamat sa shared blessings from pinas!! and extend my thanksgiving to your hubby too and also for buying the roaming sim!

more blessing dear friend!..mwaaah!

JENIE=) said...

i'm sure you misssssssed those delights ;) have fun savoring every bite!

glad to be back here;)

Mommy Liz said...

wahahhaa ako rin may ginisa mix na bilin sa friend ko. ngapala, pano nakadala ng mango ang hubby mo, dito sa US, di pwede ang fresh fruits..

Ciela said...

I love mangoes too! So sweet your hubby to bring home mangoes for you!