Mar 29, 2010


My first nephew Marc (Marwin) graduated his primary school last Thursday. I'm little bit disappointed when I found out that he didn’t have honors. I mean since his first year of schooling, he always had first or second honor but his last year of primary, he didn't have any. Before he had always best in Math, English and some curricular activities but as I said, he didn’t have any this time.

(Gina & Marc before graduation ceremony)

But anyhow, he finished his primary with good records and hoping that he will continue having well grades when his on high school.

Congratulations Kuya marc. You did it well even if you didn’t have any medals. Personally, I’m very proud of you same as the rest of our family. You know that daddy and mommy are always proud of you.

I love you and see you soon. Enjoy your next journey. Enjoy having crushes and love one?


Laikka said...

congratulations marc..its maybe because of the things that had happen on him this schoolyear jen..was it this school year na naospital sya?so those absences counts a lot!

anyway...grattis..he still made it!

Anonymous said...

nice post