Mar 22, 2010

standard postcards

As you know guys, I and my husband loves to travel in different places and we really love to know about the places that we've been too.

Lately we discovered that in every place that we've been to, there are always a significant meanings or history on it. Of course as we love to know, we really tried our best to search about it.

Of course besides of all the historical places, we love to take pictures also. Different places and different locations that can really make me feel like that I’m in the middle of nowhere.

In every place that we've been through, I made sure that I have some postcards where I can send to my family. So even if they never been to that places that I’ve been too, at least they can feel that they’re there because of all the postcards that I sent them.

I made sure that I have some
standard sized postcards where I can edit and put my own messages, pictures or anything that I want to put there.

So as of now, I have already few post cards that ready to send to my family. Hope they will like it and will appreciate it.

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Anonymous said...

What a impressive entry of yours. A wonderful Tuesday for you all.