Mar 20, 2010

blogging from Frankfurt

How's everybody here in blogworld?

Im bloggging from Frankfurt Germany. We just arrived here last night with my sister in law and her husband and of course me and my husband for our couple double dates. The weather here is wonderful. It's not shinny but it not cold because its 18 degrees today. We'll flight back to Sweden tomorrow afternoon.
Happy weekend everyone and have fun.


Janmah said...

oi! nana diay ka dha?? hehe enjoy!

MJ said...

wow nice weather...enjoy!
flying Ryan air hehehe hindi ka muna duma-an sa amin malapit lang kami sa Göteborg City Airport...

Andrea said...

You are looking great. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Being originally from not far from Frankfurt, I hope you do have a wonderful time in Germany and that the weather is not too cold.

GIOVANNI said...

God bless your vacation..