Apr 23, 2010

remembering him

It's been almost 5 years since my father died and still I could feel and remember how I felt when I knew that he passed away that day. I wasn’t expecting that he would leave us that early and we didn't even show him our dream house.

When he died, everything was of course unplanned. Everything was ours...I mean all the expenses. We weren’t aware about funeral insurance or what are the benefits to have insurance. We just find out that there are different kinds of funeral insurance or
funeral insurance quote that we can choose about.

But we had nothing to do then because we had no idea about it. But at least directly after my father funeral, we tried to understand about insurances.

So when my first cousin died 3 years ago, he got helped from his insurance company. Actually he was too young and it was a nightmare for his family. But as I said after my father's funeral, he directly fixed his funeral insurance. It was seem that he knew already that he was dying.

Having insurance in life is very good and helpful especially in times that needed most. So that there someone can help you in everything you need.


Bambie dear ★ said...

that's so sad =( naisip ko tuloy dad ko.. IM also dreaming of building a dreamhouse for him someday. Sana makita pa nya at ma-enjoy yun.

gubs said...

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