Apr 21, 2010

my P.E. moment

When I was in my college, I used to go to some of the different places as part of my studying.

Our P.E (Physical Educations) sports were karate, arnes and taekwondo. It was up to us which among these three we wanted to have training. As I myself, I was not really interested any of them but still I chose arnes because for me it was the easiest and no need to have training every week.

One time we need to show and impress to the owner of our school. My arnes groups must show our skills to him so I and my classmates did it “well”. We did it in front of the DOT (Department of Tourism). It was one of the unforgettable moments of my college life.

Hayyyy it's nice to go back to some of the unforgettable moments in the past. Have a good day everyone.


Sendo said...

is it arnis or arnes? anyway, i love to study it! at gusto ko rin pagpatuloy taekwondo ko! parang ganda naman ata ng naging PE niyo ah...puro folk dance naman yung nalalaman namin ..ampangit nga T^T haha

Jenny said...

hahah hindi ko alam spelling...

JENIE=) said...

i guess my best p.e. is table tennis back in college (UST). preferred swimming kaya lang mga football players naman parating nakadungaw, kakailang ;)

yeah, nakakamiss!

nakakamiss din dito, glad tobe back. wish you'll visit me back din jen.

Jenny said...

mas ok para sakin ang table tennis kasi parang makakarelate ako unlike sa arnis..hehehe

when i was in higschool, dancing and p.e ko..ang saya talaga