Apr 12, 2010

favorites destination

My husband and I have living together for 3 years, as of today. We love each other and we want to spend the rest of our lives together. We were dating and then became a couple last 2006 in the Philippines. We didn't want to have different lives, which we decided after his visit back here from Sweden, so we decided to apply directly for my visa for us to live together. And of now, I've been here already for exactly 3 years today. In our 3 years, we've traveled to different countries and all kinds of places. We've been to places where we relaxed and didn't think of our responsibilities at home, school or work. Just a few days ago, we decided to have our next vacation in a resorts and we directly searched online for the perfect resort. We found Breezes Resorts where we found everything we want. They offer all inclusive vacation packages that suit our budget and what we would hope for. We really want a resort where there are other things we can do besides swimming. The Breezes Resorts is very nice because it's located in Runaway Bay, Jamaica and there are also other location close by on the island of Jamaica as well. We love Jamaica because we love their country and their resorts. Negril Jamaica is another place where we also want to stay and have fun. I hope they will give us everything they offer for our adventure to our favorite Jamaica destination. We love to stay at their resorts as many days as we can.

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