Apr 23, 2010

thanks guys

I posted yesterday about my Swedish citizenship and I’m very happy to those people who did congratulate me and welcome me to Swedish world.

Of course my husband congratulated me directly, then my family, kuya Manny and my friends. Thank you so much guys.

I would like to thanks also to the following: Andrea, David Funk, dhemz, Jennie:-), Lina, and Misalyn. Thanks for the comments and for congratulating me.

Of course my Filipina friends, Tejan, Margot and Jennifer. Salamat mga kaibigan kong tunay...hehehe. My mathematic (Swedish)teacher and my mathematic classmates who even sung a song for me..thanks also guys

Thanks to everybody...


Bambie dear ★ said...

Congratulations ate =) That's a great achievement. Goodluck and enjoy the priviledges =) have a nice weekend po =)

Dhemz said...

wow sis...they even sang a song? bongga...wohooo....goodo for you...btw, we have the same shirt...ehehehe! looks good on you!

analou said...

Congrats Jen. How nice of your classmates for singing a song for you. Have a nice day.

Jenny said...

Bambie, dhemz and analou..thanks guys for the words..actually birthday pa kinanta nila sakin..hahaha