Apr 2, 2010

very full day

I, Shy, Tejan and her baby Laikka was in one of our Filipina friend’s crib today. Jen or payat cooked and prepared lots of foods.

Utensils were not in our plate so obviously we were eating using our hands. Fried dried fish, fried fresh fish, cooked oven chicken, pinakbit with bagoong, mango with bagoong, fresh leafy vegetables, rice and noodles was our lunch. After having lunch, Tejan fell asleep in the sofa while I was fixing cappuccino for her and Shy.

Jen preparing again something to eat while we're relaxing from our full lunch. Tejans cutie daughter wanted me to put nail color to her nails so I did it.

While relaxing in the sofa, we had chips with dip, carrots and cucumbers, muffins and ice cream. Before going home, we ate again...hahaha but this time around Shy didn't eat again. She was on diet "maybe"...hehehe but for me, Tejan and Jen, diet is not our concern today...

Thank you so much friends for the wonderful and full stomach day. See you again one of the day next week for our study day.


teJan said...

hehheh...that was fun! Ohhh so full..hehhe! Thanks jenny for helping my daughter out:)

Jag skulle inte klara det utan dig! ha en glad påsk!

S-H-Y said...

Nah Im not on diet, busaw lng jd mo, kidding haha..

Jenny said...

Unsa'y busaw oy?hehehe

Take advantage lang namin ang filipino food ni Jen kaya kain kami madami

S-H-Y said...

Matakaw oi haha...d ko na kasi kaya that time i felt no more space in my stomach for another food haha, it was really a great day, the food and company was great, sa uulitin..

Jenny said...

aha yon pala yon... Actually as in super doper busog talaga. Pagdating ko sa bahay as in nagbawas agad ako. Still full pa rin kaya hindi na ako kumain pa ulit..

Hope we can do it again before our next schooling.. Janetttttttttttttttttt...when kami punta sa inyo?heheh