Apr 21, 2010

love sports?

I think almost everybody love sports...agree guys? Whatever or whoever you are, sports are always part of our daily lives. Just to have fun and relax from all those stresses.

Sports are very common anywhere we go or whatever countries we are. Of course it's not all countries have the same sports but there are always sport that are common everywhere and almost everybody knows and wants to play it.

When I was still in Philippines, I really like to watch basketball live or in the TV. There we're times that I couldn’t eat my dinner just because I don’t want to leave in front of the TV and nor didn't want to miss any moves from my favorite players.

When I move here in Sweden, still I continue my addictness of sports. I still watch basketball but I get more interested with European football.

Besides of watching my favorites different sports I use to bet also. I know that sports betting have only few chances to win but for me betting for my favorite games will make me more exciting. But sad to say, I never won for my few times of betting...hahaha. Better luck next time.

Enjoy your favorites sport and have fun.

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