Apr 26, 2010

our weekend food trip

I and hubby applied my Swedish passport last Saturday. We want to have my new passport soon because we're planning to travel this coming summer. We’re hoping that I can get it this week.

After our passport application, we went to grocery store and bought some fruits. We’re very hungry after our grocery so we decided to eat our late lunch in some kebab restaurant.

Hubby ordered kebab with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables and I had kebab with french fries and vegetables also.

As usual we ignored our diet and eat all we could. We’re like this almost every weekend. Just once in a week. This is what we call weekend food trip.


Sendo said...

kebab mmm....wishing to see your entries on your summer vacation soon! ^^

Jenny said...

i'm pretty sure that i will post my summer vacation photos..but as of now we must decide first where we go..hhehehe

Mommy Liz said...

paminsan minsan eh wag intindihin ang diet, pampagulo lang yan, hahaha!