Apr 8, 2010

trying to go on diet

I and hubby are trying to go on diet. We cannot deny to ourselves that we're gaining weight now and we even feel it.

So now a day, we tried to eat healthy and fresh foods. But unfortunately yesterday and today, I just ignored my dieting because I was with my friends. We ate lots of foods to the point that we didn’t think our diets…

These vegetables (picture) are just some of the foods that I and hubby use to eat now... Looks healthy or fatty? hmmmppp?


Faye said...


Laikka said...

hhahaha...kaya pala mga food mga latest post mo kc on diet pala,,,hahhah! ayyy ang saya kanina diba..busog na busog:)

Jenny said...

@Faye..yes it's healthy and fresh

@Laikka...actually nagkataon lang yata na foods mga post ko this few days...hehehe
Kelan kaya tayo ulit bongding no?vi får se..heheh