Apr 12, 2010

3 years in Sweden

(Our first picture here (airport)Sweden)

I've been living here in Sweden for exactly 3 years today. I couldn’t believe that I’m already 3 years here because it’s just seemed yesterday when I arrived here.

I could even still remember the mixed emotions and mixed feelings when I saw my husband and my sister in law waited for me at the airport. I was asking myself, IS THIS REALLY FOR REAL? AM I REALLY IN SWEDEN?

There are some changes happening in my 3 years. Of course I could understand and speak Swedish, adopting Swedish culture, seeing Swedish people every day and lot more. Hehehe

I couldn’t ask for more being beside my husband. He's my dream man and I’m very happy to be with him and I’ll be with him for the rest of my life.

(our recent picture)
Thank you Lord for all the blessings. God speed

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roffe said...

Congratulations!I hope you like living in Sweden..(Maybe apart from winter)