Apr 3, 2010

homemade pizza

Thanks God for the very wonderful and beautiful day.

I and hubby had a very long walk today. The sun was shining so much that I can feel the summer sun. Even if it is still little bit cold here in Sweden but due to shining sun, the coldness was gone...

As usual we end up in a store and bought some stuffs. We decided to buy some ingredients for our homemade pizza.

Directly we came home, we prepared and fixed our pizza. The whole pizza was divided into two. The pizza was made of ham, cheese, pizza sauce; mushrooms, cheese and pineapple slice for me and tuna for my husband.

After a long walked, had a bunch of pizza for our late lunch, so it's time to take a long hot bath to relax....

Happy weekend everyone.

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Rossel said...

looks yummy. i think i can smell it here. para tuloy gusto ko ng pizza today.

happy easter!