Apr 14, 2010

happy birthday best friend

It was my best friend birthday yesterday and I’m very happy at last I have communication with her.

We weren’t able to communicate for a few months due to some of her personal family problems. But we already have communication since first week of April. She texted me informing of her good news.

She just got married few months ago and as of now; she's on her 7 months of pregnancy. She's very excited about her coming baby and she already invited me to be one of the good mothers of her baby.

Happy, happy birthday best friend. I know you're happy now and excited for your coming baby. I wish you more happiness, good health always and stay happy.

I miss you best. Hope to see you again the next time I’ll be in Philippines. I love you best friend and God bless.

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Andrea said...

Happy Birthday to your best friend. Glad you guys had a great day.
Blessings, andrea