Apr 19, 2010

Swedish citizen soon

As I posted here last week, I’ve been living here in Sweden for three years already and I’m glad, happy and satisfied of my life (together with my husband) even if I’m very far from my family.

When I was two years here, we applied for my permanent visa and got it very fast.

Since I’m living here for three years already, I don’t need to apply again a visa instead I applied for my citizenship. We already sent my needed documents to Norrköping and we're waiting for the results. They said it will take 3 weeks for the fastest and 6 months for the longest.

I hope it won’t take long time because we’re planning to have vacation this coming summer but we have nothing to do as of now. We'll just wait and see when we can have the results. I’ll be Swedish citizen hopefully soon...


melandria said...

thanks for the visit. I am just fine, hope everything goes well with your citizenship. take care always.

Jenny said...

Thanks Mel... Have a good day

Anonymous said...

How interesting to read. Living already six years over here in Greece, and also being from Europe, am still forced to obtain a resident permission, for five years.
Seems indeed as if policy of integration is much better up there in Sweden.
A wonderful Wednesday for you all.