Apr 1, 2010

our new bonding moment

In life age really doesn't matter.

I and hubby bought a new addicted game machine which makes us both addicted... It's usually kids who love to play this but still adults can play also.
We're having fun playing baseball and tennis. If me and hubby playing, we used to play tennis because it's lots of energy and need really good concentrations.

Playing the games is seems also that we're exercising because all our body is moving. We had really pain those first days of playing but not now.

Happy to be like kids sometimes.. Have a safe Easter days everyone.


Andrea said...

Age really does NOT matter.
Hugs, andrea

Laikka said...

mao man...kalabaw ra daw tumanda..hehe! but that kind of game really is addictive to adults... not much with children. If you know what I mean:)

Glad Påsk!

Fe said...

who cares about the age haaa...hubby and I played that too and we played it very noisy. We always look at the store what's the latest game to play, after the old game then move to the new game.