Apr 11, 2010

planned vacation

My cousin who's currently living in Canada invited me and hubby to have vacation there. Without her knowledge I and hubby already planned to have vacation in Canada after I get my citizenship.

So just yesterday, I was chatting to her for almost an hour. I and hubby planned our vacation before the Canada Olympics but due to that event we cancelled it. Since the Olympics are finished we are planning to go there the soon as possible.

It was for sure very excited to visit or watch the Olympics games Live but since we didn’t go there, we just want to visit the places where some games was held or their Arena. And of course we want to see some other beautiful places in Canada.

My cousin said that we better plan at least
Top 10 Things to do in Canada now that the Olympics are Over and she will absolutely help us touring or help us our top 10 things.

I and hubby starting to write what we want to do and where we will go. I am informing or telling my cousin about it so that she can suggest or say something about our plan. I’m sure it will be exciting and fun and I’m excited to meet my cousin there.

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