Jun 6, 2009

Any suggestions guys?

Part of our vacation to my country (Philippines) is the pasalubong (gift). Today me and my husband went to a candy store and bought chocolates as one of our pasalubong. I have chosen different kinds of chocolates, candies and other more. But my very favorite chocolates are Marabou and we bought many with deffirent flavors.hehehe It is exciting to have vacation or holiday. Ofcourse it will cost money but then it's fun. Shopping time and must think what will be the gift that could bring or chocolates would be enough?

I was in Philippines last dec. so it's not really long time since then. I've been in Sweden for 2 year now but i traveled to Philippines often in a year. So i don't know what kind of gift i could give this time to my family. Or myself and presence will be enough?

Any suggestions guys?


Laine said...

wow, paenge ng tsokolet...hehehe ... sarap naman ng chocolate mo jen. :)parang wala yan d2 sa pinas na brand. drooling tuloy laway ni me...:))

well, ask ka ng suggestions kong ano pa danda pasalubong for your relatives here sa pinas siguro jen ano, lotions, soaps, colognes and perfumes. :))

Jenny said...

Wala talaga sa pinas yan Laine. Dito lang makakbili niyan...hehehe

I gave them perfumes last dec eh. Lotion and soaps, maybe...thanks ha