Jun 9, 2009

Put meaning to my name

Sometimes it's very fun to make or have some meaning in our name. This is what i did to mine. I put meaning to my 5 letters nickname.
My nickname is: Jenny

------ is for Joyous

E ---- is for Enlightened

N ---- is for Nice

N ---- is for Normal

Y ----- is for Young (am i?)

Do you think guys it's fit to my personality?


payatot said...

hi jen, jen na lang tawag ko sayo...napansin ko lang na idinidiin mo talaga ang letter Y, young ka pa naman ata talaga di ba?

Jenny said...

Hala ay..isama mo na rin nga ang Y eh...ehhehe... Medyo my edad na ako oy kaya medyo shy na ako sa Y ko na letter..hehehe

Anonymous said...

pansinin po talaga yung Y mo tita jen pero bata pa naman kayo ah

Jenny said...

Hahahah sinadya ba? 29 na ako kaya hindi na bata...

David Funk said...

Hey, thanks for sharing your real name and for posting this entry. I do think both of those names describe you very well.

I don't know about normal because we as bloggers aren't exactly the most sane people on earth! Hehehehe. OK, I may speak for myself on that. LOL!

Very lovely photo of you my very dear friend!

Jenny said...

Hahaha i could say, NORMAL is for all normal people....joke

Thanks for the comments my friend.. I just share my name for all to know who i am..hahaha

Maus said...

sympre naman hehehehe
dont worry walang kokontra hehehee
have a nice day girl--

Jenny said...

Heheheh my komontra kasi eh... old lola na yata ako...

Blessed day preggy