Jun 5, 2009

page rank status

I changed my templates for few days now and since then i don't put it yet back all my blog icons. Yesterday i tried to check my PR and i was surprised because it goes back to PR2. I wonder why because i was pr3 already before i changed my templates.

And just today, i checked again and i'm glad because i'm back to pr3. I don't know if how long i can have it because as my friend told me that maybe my pr will be gone in 3 months. Is that true? It was happened to her so maybe it will happen also to mine.

Whatever rank i have, as long as i am happy and satisfied of my way of blogging, it dosn't really matter. I will enjoy blogging even if i don't have rank.


LazyKing said...

Yep, enjoying blogging is more important than a PR.
But congrats on your PR3

David Funk said...

I agree with what you said. Sure, it is nice to have a PR, but that shouldn't be the reason for any of us to be here. Besides, a PR can never measure up to the friendships that I have with people like you.

That said, congrats on your PR3 my dear friend!:)

Jenny said...

Yes enjoying blogging and to have friends here is most important.

Thanks for the message guys

Rosa said...

congrats on your pr3. i agree with you. me too, even i do not have pr - i still enjoying blogging. :)

Jenny said... need pr as long as you're happy blogging,right?

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