Jun 14, 2009

Are you angry?

I got an award and i don't know whats the meaning of the words. Due to my very good friend David Funk, who had written to his post that the meaning of that word, is like that ..... so i understand.

But one of my follower and loyal visitors whom
he said that he speak fluently that language, corrected the meaning of that word into another word. For me that i don't know any words of that language, i just recorrected the word and changed into the words that my follower's said.

Then a friend of mine left a comments and said that he knew also that language but seems he forgot already. I don't know if he is angry or what he mean. I just wonder because he used to leave comments or leave messages to my cd box but he didn't do it for 2 days already.

You know yourself who i mean of this message. If you don't want to leave a comments or message here you know where you can. Happy sunday


David Funk said...

Jenny, there's absolutely no reason for me to be mad at you. Have you ever seen me get angry with you or any of your friends in blogging? To clarify my comment on your awards post, I only took French in high school, but I hardly remember any of it now. So I'm far from fluent in French in other words, and I wasn't aware of the mistake in the tag at all until that guy pointed out.

Truth is, I haven't had a day off from work in over a week which has limited my time to comment on blogs, much less have the time to write many on my own site. I won't have a day off until I'm home on Wednesday. So I hope you understand where I'm coming from when I'm on the road because I don't get on my laptop at all while working. There will be some days that I can't visit you

That said, I am sorry for not stopping by to visit you(or other blogger friends as much) the last two days because of work. You're one of my dear blogger friends, so there's absolutely no way I'm mad at you.

God Bless my dear friend!

Anonymous said...

ayan at ang haba ng sagot o koment nya ngayon sayo...hahahaha..wala naman pala ibig sabihin sya dun or di naman galit sayo, busy lang..pagbigyan mo na sis...cheer up...

Jenny said...

David - i'm sorry if i thought about it. I reacted too much... Sorry again. Take care

Jodi - kaya nga eh..ang haba ng paliwanag niya,,,gossshhhh. thaks sa message..