Jun 6, 2009

Sweden lose today

Today is Sweden national day. As we can saw when we was out today, almost all busses, some cars and houses have their swedish flag. But we don't have...hehehe

But unfortunately even if it was swedish day today but then their Sweden football team lose the game against Denmark. The games finished just a few minutes ago. Sweden got 0 and Denmark got 1 point.

Kim Källström did the penalty but he missed it. It was many times who they almost got points but it was not their turn. The picture below was Zlatan Ibrahimović
who tried himself to make goal.To Sweden team, better luck next time guys. Ni har kämpat väldigt bra och vi vet att ni är duktiga. Idag var det inte eran dag.

Sweden team will play again on wednesday against Malta team. Lycka till!!!


David Funk said...

As you know, I'm a huge sports fan, and I know football(we Americans call it soccer) is big internationally. So even though Sweden lost, I was happy to see you post about this because it can be difficult to get any kind of international sports coverage here.

Better luck to Sweden indeed, and nice reporting my dear friend!:)

Jenny said...

I know how fan you are of soccer because i can see it from you posts. Actually it was my husband's idea to post this one and he helped me also about the name of that who did the penalty..

Thanks my friend for the message...good day