Jun 13, 2009

J'AdoreTon Blog

My friend David Funk (as usual) gave me this Award. This is the J'Adore Tien Blog Award which means I Love Yours Blog in French. Thank you so much Dave.

A friend and a follower of mine corrected the word TIEN into TON. HE speaks fluently french. Thanks Lazy king. I don't know any french words so i don't also if that is right or wrong word...hehehe

I will pass this to everybody who want this award. No need to mention your name guys. Grab it and post anytime you want. Happy weekend everybody.


LazyKing said...

But you guys probably need to change this because I love your blog means in french "J'adore TON blog"
not TIEN.
I speak french fluently.

PS: Thanks you for the award, I'll publish it probably sunday or monday.

Jenny said...

Thank you so muchfor the correction. I will change it...thanks again..

David Funk said...

First off, thanks Lazy King for the correction. Funny thing is, I took French in high school, but I've forgotten most of it now. I have no idea where this tag originated from to correct the photo.

Anyway, thanks for posting yet another award from me. It's always a pleasure to give you awards and tags for being one of my best blogger friends.:)

Jenny said...

Goshhh i don't know whats the correct one..hahaha i dont know any french words..sorry...

Whatever it is as long as we know that its not bad words, it doesn't really matter..

Thanks my friend and good night

firish said...

jenny..I'll put this award on my page..thanks for giving the gift... keep blogging..

Jenny said...

Thanks Firish... Good day