Jun 3, 2009

i'm excited

It's only 2 more weeks and it's our vacation time. Me and my husband discussing things already about where and what hotel we will stay in HK. He was surfing different hotel there but he cannot decide yet. He want to reserve the hotel before we come there.

It will be no problem in Manila because we know already where we will stay. We used to stay same hotel in Manila as before. We like the place and some staffs who are very nice, friendly and helpfull to us.

We will go also to my hometown but we will not stay in a hotel there. We will stay in our house where mama, my brother and his wife living there. It's a big house with 3 big rooms so it will be comfortable to anybody.

Our flight will be from Landveter (Göteborg) to Paris and to HK. Only 5 hours stop over in Paris then Hk where we will stay for 3 days before flying to Manila. And we will just stay 3 days in Manila then fly again to my hometown.

It will be exciting for me because it will be my first time to Paris (airport) and HK. How about you guys, what are your plans this summer?


Anney said...

Wow ang sarap naman! I'm sure you will have a lot of fun sa vacation nyo!

David Funk said...

I know you're excited about this vacation, and I'm happy for you.

I'll be in LA for work this summer, but will also be in Chicago again for the first time in nine years. I'm looking forward to that.

Thanks for sharing my wonderful friend!

Jenny said...

Im sure will be fun kasi uwi talaga ako sa hometown ko eh..hehehe.

Thanks Anney for the message.

David -yes i am excited and i hope everything will be fine.

Goshhh LA and Chicago? Can i go with you?hehehe joke.

Enjoy and take care wherever you go. Good day my friend