Jun 18, 2009

Our flights to HK

It's just few days since i don't post. Gossshhh i miss blogging but i am here now. Not back as normal as before but i am trying my best just to visit everyday. We are in Hongkong now enjoying our vacations. So far so good even though it's very hot here. I used to have cold weather so thats why i feel hot here for just 27 degrees.

Here are some of my pictures that my hubby took.

Landveter Airport (Göteborg Sweden). Waiting our flight to Paris.
Paris airport train on our way to our next gate number. That train has no driver..hahahaWhile waiting for our flight to Hk. (5 hours stop over). It was so boring so i just played cards from my laptop. Look at my back and side..They're all knock down..hahahaJust arrived at HK international Airport. While waiting our bags...Do i look like i'm very tired? Yes i am so time to sleep...hehehe. Goodnight everyone. Must sleep well so that i can have strenght for our adventure tomorrow.Enjoy my pictures guys and have fun... Good night


chubskulit said...

looks like ur having fun already kahit sa airport pa lang hehehe

David Funk said...

I'm glad you're enjoying all this, and you do look beautiful as always.

I had to take notice of you waiting for your flight in HK. I haven't seen anything like that for people to wait on in airports.

Yes, you must be tired, so sleep well for the rest of your great trip my dear friend!

Thanks for sharing!

S-H-Y said...

eh tulo laway oh..hehehe, have a safe and happy trip!

Jenny said...

Chubskulit - gossshhhh im always happy...and always having fun in just a small things...mababaw daw kaligayahan ko...

David - i was surprised when i saw that chairs that you can sleep and relax but unfortunately we don't have our lucky time to get one...we waited for almost 2 hours to have it but we don't..hehehe.

Shy - hala ay wala pud oy...pretending lang yan na sleep pero pikit mata alng yan. that is around HK time. Nagising kami at nakachat ko si janet that time..syempre camera addict kaya pic eh kahit walang ayos..heheh

teJan said...

bwahahahaha! as always, you d gurl! Godbless and have fun! ulwiz..mmmwaah!

Jenny said...

teJan - gossshhhh girl iba talaga ang beauty ko..hehehe

hows life there? text me naman oy...Ingat