Jun 20, 2009

Lovely Philippines

Just yesterday me and my husband arrived here in my lovely country, Philippines around 11 in the morning. It's nice to be back and of course directly i ate Filipino food (sinigang fish and adobo). Our flight from Hongkong was not really a boring one. It was only 2 hours so it was seems to be from Manila to my province. Of course pictures is part of vacations but unfortunately i cannot put my pictures now. Some other time if i can use my own laptop. I'm just in a Internet cafe now.

On Monday will be our flight to my province. We will stay there for a week. It will be my fathers 4th year death anniversary. Before on the said date my husband want a little party for my relatives and friends from my hometown. It will just be a small party. It will be fun and exciting because i can meet some of my relatives and friends which i don't meet for a long time.

See you all again guys soon. I hope everybody have a good time.


David Funk said...

I'm glad you made it there okay my friend.

Looking forward to the pictures and stories you have to tell about your vacation!

Enjoy it all my dear friend!

teJan said...

am happy for you freiendship, i can feel how happy you are! enjoy and regards to your family circle! godbless!miss yah!

Rad said...

Hey Jenny, I'm happy everything is going good for you and the hubby. The pictures you guys took in Hong Kong look amazing. I hope the wife and I can go on vacation soon.

Good luck on the rest of the trip

Jenny said...

David - Gossshhh my friend been a long time... I will put pictures soon as i can.. Thanks for always visiting my blog.

teJan - my friend, musta na? As in ang saya ko talaga...sulit...hehehe ses då soon...

Rad - HK is very nice place. Don't hesitate to visit Hk...Me and my hubby enjoying our vacations, so far...Take care...

Ariel said...


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