Jun 13, 2009

Independence Day

The national flag of the Philippines is a horizontal bicolor with equal bands of blue and red, and with a white equilateral triangle based at the hoist side; in the center of the triangle is a golden yellow sun with eight primary rays, each containing three individual rays; and at each corner of the triangle is a five-pointed golden yellow star. The flag is displayed with the blue field on top in times of peace, and with the red field on top in times of war.Yesterday was the 111 year of Philippine Independence Day. The day was well celebrated from Rizal Park Manila (Luneta). It was almost 20,000 people who came and celebrated the occations.

The day was started early in the morning from applying works. There was plenty or many job offers from different department or countries. And at night was the concert. It was last 3 hours concerts with different singers from drifferent countries. The concerts was started with a dance number and Smokey and Iza opened the program. The final song was sung by the Philippine International singer sensation, Charice.

The Philippine Independence Day ended peacefully and proudly. I am proud to be a filipino. Mabuhay tayong mga pinoy.

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