Jun 7, 2009

My nephew Marc

I was chatted with my pregnant sister in Philippines today. She told me that she was very angry yesterday because of what Marc did.

My sister allowed Marc to go out with his friends in our neighborhood. Marc and his friends was playing outside the house and unexpectedly rain came. Without the knowledge of Marc that my sister looking at him, he played in the rain together with his friends. He forgot to remember that before he went out, my sister told him not to play in the rain because he will get sick very fast.

My sister gave him penalty. He cannot go out and play with his friends for 1 week. He will just stay at home and play his playing toys and computer. As of now, he's just watching his favorite cartoons show. It was not good to my pregnant sister to got angry. She felt it until she could not sleep last night. It's not good for her baby.

Marcky as i call my nephew is 11 years old. He was our first and only nephew for 9 years. We have another newphew now, son of my brother. He is too much spoiled from all of us but atleast he is very smart.

Marc, don't let titta ne get angry and feel bad. Its not good for her baby. Just be good boy and try to listen to her, ok? Mommy and all of us love you very much. See you soon.


teJan said...

poor mark, on hot seat tuloy;) ingon ana jud nang ma mother jen;) so just be ready mah friend, it will not be long and its your turn! hehe

David Funk said...

Marc did what many kids do at his age, and that's defy what he was told. Still, that doesn't make him a bad kid, but I do agree that this doesn't help your pregnant sister. He doesn't need to get her angry at this time for that reason though, so I fully agree with you there.

I hope for the best that your sister's baby is healthy and well, too.

Jenny said...

Net - its not my sister (Gina) kid. Its the son of our eldest sister who's currently working in cyprus. And my pregnant sister is just taking care of Marc...hehehe

David - i know and i understand what you mean but what my concern now is my sisters pregnancy. Her pregnancy is too much complicated and she need not to get angry and need bed rest.

Thanks for the message for my sister...Good day

Weng Forsgren said...

hehe, marc is just like other normal kids who likes to play under the rain hehe. I remember my younger days too. hehe those were the days...ewan ko bakit ang sarap maglaro if it is raining hehe.

Jenny said...

I was like him also when i was still a kid.hehehe. but then ang inaalala lang namin kasi super bilis makakuha ng sakit.