Jun 1, 2009

Cute little girl NInna

One of my friend from my first school term gave birth to a baby boy last year but unfortunately the baby died before he got out. The cord was tied up to his neck 6 times so he could not survive it.

My friend was almost cannot come over it. She was very sad and seems couldn't continue her life anymore. We helped her over her situation and tried to comfort her. We adviced her that she can still have lots of babies in future because she's still young.

After 6 months she got pregnant again and she was very nervous when she knew she was on her way again. As usual and as a friend who love her, we adviced her not to worry because the doctors will help her and just pray. Just 2 months ago she gave birth to a cute and very beautiful little girl. Her name is Ninna which means flower.
Today we visited her together with our other friends. The baby is so cute and cannot stop ourselves to just look and play with her all the time we was there.

Our friend cooked lunch for us. Her specialty food from her land Iraq. Food name was DOLMA. It was very delicious and we ate as usual very plenty. We was very full and could not even take dessert, hahaha.

Negin, Vicky, me and Pari is very good friends since the first time we met in our first school term. Even if Negin and Pari couldn't speak english but still we became friends. As of now, we don't need to speak english because we can speak swedish already.

To Pari and her cute litte Ninna, thank you so much for welcoming us and for the food. See you again next time. To Negin and Vicky, see you too again guys.


Rofes Deportes said...


I saw your web-blog. I think it is excellent. Iam from Cuba, but I live in USA. I would like to changes links. I have 2 blogs...

Ihope you respond soon..


Jenny said...

Thanks for the visit...I will add your too blogs. Hope you will do the same...Take care

Rofes Deportes said...

Hello, my friend...

I just added your interesting blog in my 2 websites

You can check it now.
I hope you will add my 2 blogs.
You are very kind...
Take care.

Jenny said...

Thank you for adding me and for the compliments... Good day

David Funk said...

Thanks for sharing this Jenny. I'm glad everything worked out well with your friend. I love the name Ninna, too.:)

Jenny said...

I'm thankfull also that shes very much ok now and she have her lovely cutie Ninna. Really you like NInna? its a flower name right?