Jun 29, 2009

Still in vacation

Hello guys... How's everybody here? Hoping that everybody is doing well and in safe life.

I would like to ask and apology for not replying all your messages guys. I promise and i will try to reply all your messages and comments that you left to my blog as soon as i can.

It's been awhile since my last post. When i was in my hometown, got no internet connection there and ofcourse been busy entertaining all the relatives, friends and all our visitors.

Just yesterday night, we're back here in Manila. We will stay here until the day that we will go back to Hongkong for another 3 days stay there and then back to Sweden. We are enjoying our remaining days here in Manila and hope everything will be fine until our vacation will be finish.

So far so good and the weather here is very hot. Sometimes raining but not so often.

I really hope i can visit my blog as often as i can since i'm back here Manila. See you guys again soon... Take care everybody.


teJan said...

hmm.. inga fara gumman.. just enjoy your time there and we are just here waiting;) init sad kaayo diri oi! mi 29degrees gud! grabe kasakit sa panit!hmmmp! good day!

Jenny said...

Hej på dig...hur är det läget med er? Hoppas allting är bra. det är jättevarmt här också men det är ok ändå..

Vi ses då...sköt om er...