Mar 9, 2009

What a good day

What a good day for me today! I'm very happy today because of two reasons. When i woke up this morning, my husband greated me 35 months of our LOVE with a tight hug and sweet kiss. How sweet and nice to woke up with all those things, right? My husband left to go to work before 6.00am.

I checked my cellphone direclty after my husband's left because i felt something excited. I had 4 messages from Philippines. Two messages was from my friend and 1 from my sister inlaw but it was my sister's text was make me felt excited and felt little jelous. She had pregnancy test today and she found out that she's pregnant for her first baby. We texted a little bit and she told me that she is nervous. Ofcourse she will be, it's her first baby. I get jelous to her.She is my sister next to me. She's younger than me but she got pregnant first than me. poor Jenny but it's ok. Who knows i can have mine also soon...hehehe. Her baby will be my third nephews.

To my sister, just take extra care now and think that it's not only you now. Think of the little angel in your womb and the God's gift to you and Edwin. Try to avoid stress and try to have peace of mind. If you will need something you know that i'm here for you even i'm millions miles away from you. I'm very happy for you. May God guide and bless us all always...


weng said...

hello Jen,
congrats sa imo sis. maybe its your turn next time who knows hehe.
by the way I got tag for you just grab it if you have time.
It's fun..:) take care

weng said...

Ay, sorry kalimot ko hehe. congratulation na rin sa imo and your hubby.