Feb 26, 2010

presents for my family

My hubby flew to Philippines yesterday. I couldn't stop myself missing him directly as he stepped out from our door.Before his flight of course I made sure that everything he needs for his two weeks vacation must be in his bags. I made sure that he will not miss something.

Of course I was the one packing his bags. From his clothes, to his books, chargers everything. Of course the presents (pasalubong) weren’t forgotten...hahaha

Just this afternoon (Philippine time) my sister Annie met my hubby and got all the pasalubong. Hope they like it and can feel my presence even if I’m not there.

Here are some of the chocolates that my hubby brought to my family.

I really miss my hubby and couldn’t sleep last night thinking of him. I really hope I can sleep tonight.

Happy Friday everyone and have a blessed weekend.


Andrea said...

Someone has a sweet tooth!
Blessings, andrea

Beth said...

hi jen,
i was wondering why you didn't come with him so you don't have to miss him? :)
dont worry, he'll be back soon, just busy yourself with things you love to do! :)

Dhemz said...

wow! dami pasalubong ah....:) nako sis, i missed this sem kasi nahuli ako sa enrollment...umuwi kasi kami ng pinas last month....kaya nahuli ako sa class....waaaaa!

woi, bat si hubby lang ang umuwi ng pinas...dka kasama.....hehehhe...kung si hubby ko ang uuwi ng pinas mag isa...d yon papayag.....hahahha....buti pumunta sya mag isa....super love ka talaga ng hubby mo...:)

don't worry...time flies very quick...:)