Jan 30, 2010

party of the preggy

Last January 26 was the birthday of my two good friends Fely and preggy Margot. Fely did her birthday party on that paricular day but Margot wasn’t able to have party on her special day because all her expecting guests was all busy. So instead she did her party today with some of her closest friends.

I was one of her visitors who she counted closest one...hahaha... joke...anyway, I was invited and as usual I came there on time. I'm always on time... Since I came there earlier than her other guests, so I helped her little preparing her delicious foods.

Around 13.00 the rest of her visitors came. We spoke Swedish since one visitor couldn't understand English.

In general, it was fun, the foods were so delicious and really yummy and the dessert was really yummy...

Thank you so much preggy Margot for all the foods and for entertaining us. See you again soon...

Enjoy and happy weekend everyone.


Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

David Funk said...

That's always nice of friends to do things like that. Now you just made me hungry by posting the food pics, but that isn't the first time you've done that. Hahaha.

Thanks for sharing my friend!