Mar 28, 2009

weekend activitiy?

It's weekend again? wow days goes very fast. Just to think that it's weekend again and it's another week again on Monday. Goshhhh...

We will go out soon and go to McDonald. It's not good but we will eat our breakfast there. But we eat fruit (pear) before we will go out.

As usual activity, we will take a walk and maybe go to some stores later. I want to cook some Filipino food tomorrow. I want to buy some Filipino ingredients so maybe we will go to Asian store later, if we are not lazy.

The weather here in Sweden is unexplainable... Still very cold and it was snowing yesterday even if it's now spring here. Isn't that strange? LOL... But of course i like cold and snow.

How about you guys? What will be your weekend's plan? Any exciting and fun to do with? In anyhow just take care and enjoy your weekend everybody. Have a happy and relaxing weekend.

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