Mar 19, 2009

words for me....

We supposedly whole day in school today but unfortunately our morning teacher is sick. Our afternoon teacher took over and did her lesson to us so that we don't need to stay whole day in school, instead only until 12.00. And we don't have school tomorrow also. Gosssshhhh atleast we can take a rest... Does it sound good?

We had a small activity today. Before we started our practicum (Feb. 16), we got tasks or assigments to do related to our practicum. One of that was to collect 20 words which we cannot understand before. We should put meaning and example on that word. We have that 20 words but today we just got two words from that 20 words and shared and explained whats the meaning of that word to our classmates. I choose risig (scrubby) and listig (cunning).

It was very good activity for us who is studying swedish because we had plenty words which we don't understand before. I can talk and understand swedish but still there's many words that still i don't know when and where will i use it. Words that still strange for me..LOL... Poor of me.

Anyone here wants to know basic swedish??? Just in case you will travel here in Sweden someday... Just a preparation or just for fun.......hehehe

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