Mar 23, 2009

I just wonder

I registered to blogvertise last March 14 and i was approved the same date but i just wondered why i still don't have ad from them. I mean i still don't get any task or offer from them. Or maybe i get already but i don't know that it was it. The email add that i am using for this blogvertise was by blog email add and at the same time, it's my email add for almost everything. I used to get plenty nonsense email or commercial so i just delete or spam directly. Gossshh maybe i spam some of my task...

As to those who knew, I'm not expert of this blogging and I'm not blogging for a long time. I'm just blogging for 3 months so i need help and i asked plenty questions to some of my nice friends here in blog site. As of now i will ask again, anybody there can tell me how could i recognize if it is task or offer? Gossshhh shame of

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David Funk said...

It could be a number of things, and it coming in your spambox might be the answer.

It might just be that they don't have any tasks in the categories you selected, too. I know I haven't gotten many from them myself, and it seems that it goes like that some of the time.

I would just sign in on there occasionally to see if any tasks show up.

I'm hoping to do some paid blogging here very soon. I haven't done any yet, so I may not be the best person to help you out. However, those are things that could explain your situation.

Have a good night my dear friend!