Mar 7, 2009

Life's full of surprises.

Plenty people died everyday but it seems that we don't really notice it if not a popular persons or someone we know and love. As we know Francis *Kiko* Magalona is only 44 years old but he died because of some sickness that they all thought that he would survive. I cannot help but crying when i saw all those people who love and admired FM. To those who still cannot accept that he is now in his final bed to RIP, is very difficult to them. How about more what's the feeling of the family himself who is grieving and thinking that it's just a nightmare to them. The wife and the eight kids that he left and ofcourse his friends.

I can relate how they feel now. This was what we felt when my father died. It seems it was just a bad joke and was a nightmare but when we saw our father on the coffin laid down peacefully, we all knew that it was all truth. I thought that's the end of my life also but i realized that we must be strong for our mother and at the same time for ourselves. Even if he's not with us anymore we know that he's looking and still taking care of us on his own way. We still grieving but life must go on. We really miss our father but we're sure he is on our Father's hand now.

Life is full of surprises. Enjoy life while still alive. Do good things and live with full of positive thinking. Do everything you want before it's too late. God knows when and how we will die.

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