Mar 24, 2009

Nokia Tag

I received this tag from my very nice friend David Funk who is always there willing to help about blogging. He's my blog friend who don't forget to send message and ask how i am.

The basic premise is this – answers should all be “at the current moment.” Let's do this!

1. Where is your cellphone - on my bed side table, charging

2. Your hair - Not too long, black and curly

3. Your father - Rest in peace (last june 2006)

4. Your favorite thing to do - singing and dancing (alone)

5. Your dream last night - all my teeth fell down.

6. Your favorite drink - orange juice
and water

7. Your dream goal - I already got my other goal ( as a Computer programmer) and one more goal is to be a teacher in few years from now.

8. The room you are in - Living room

9. Your fear - Losing another love of my life

10. Where do you want to be in 6 years - Still here in Sweden with my husband and hopefully with kids.

11. Muffins - Lemon muffins (made in Sweden)..hmmp yummy

12. One of your wish list items - to have my dream house here in Sweden with my family.

13. Where you grew up - Makati City, Philippines

14. The last thing you did - Record my singing voice

15. What you're wearing now - Jogging pants, t-shirt and sweater

16. Your TV - Sony, Marks and Philips

17. Your pet - I don't like any pet...

18. Your computer - acer and fujitsu laptop

19. Your life - happy, satisfied and hoping

20. Your mood - jolly and happy always

21. Missing someone - My late father

22. Our car - silver ford fiesta

23. Favorite mall - MOA (mall of asia) Philippines

24. Your last summer - we had vacation in Palawan Island.

25. Your favorite color - blue and pink

26. When was the last time you laughed -
few minutes ago when my husband make a joke

27. When was the last time you cried - I don't really remember. I am sensitive so even just a simple bad joke for me, i cry directly.

28. Last person who emailed you - My brother in law who's currently working in China.

29. Your favorite food - I'm not choosy kind of person so i eat everything as long as it's not poison and it's not broken food.

30. A place you would rather be right now - In bed reading my favorite Shidney Sheldon book.

I am passing this tag to some of my blog friends. Shy, Tita Beng, Janiz, Dunya Maya, Vanilla icecream and The Mommy Journey. To all who want to grab this tag, you are all welcome. Enjoy and have fun by grabbing and tagging into your page.

1 comment:

David Funk said...

Thanks for posting this rather quickly. I was not expecting that. I very much appreciate your continued kindness towards me. I may not be able to help you directly with something to do with blogging, but I can probably point you in the right direction.

You really are a good woman that is so hard not to like. I know it still hurts that your father is gone.

Take care and best wishes always my dear friend!